Need one place to manage all your transformational agreements?

Oable is an open access management solution for institutions. With Oable, institutions no longer need to work with multiple publisher workflows and dashboards. Oable provides ONE workflow and ONE dashboard to manage all open access approval, payment, and reporting processes.

Oable was built for you.

Oable was developed with significant librarian input from institutions all over the world. The vision for Oable is to help institutions more effectively manage the ever-growing complexity of OA activities and changing business models. Manage the growth and variety of Transformational Agreements or help APCs out of the wild to deliver a holistic view of OA spending across campus.​

Oable brings value to your institution.

Optimized Transformative Agreement Workflow

Through the structured workflow, you can enable more automation in the current approval, payment, and reporting process. Oable brings the opportunity for significant time savings and allows better decision making and reporting.

Unified System Approach

The legacy institutional OA publishing ecosystem is complex, inefficient, and expensive, with data trapped in isolated silos. Oable streamlines and automates your workflows and centralizes institutional data into a singular environment that empowers informed decision making.

Open Access Specialization

Accelerate the transformation of your OA institutional publishing model by partnering with Oable, the leader in open access workflow technology.

Trusted Support and Continuous Improvement

The Oable team is a partner with shared objectives who acts in the best interest of customers, includes them in conversations about system innovations, advocating on their behalf with publishers, and supports them through opportunities for improvement.

Benefits of Oable for Managing TAs


Oable saves you time and costs by using one dashboard across publishers. Automation can be implemented to decrease manual processes.

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Reduce Complexity

Oable integrates with multiple publishers to make it easy for you to manage open access workflows in one place, including agreements, costs, invoices, and reporting.


It was designed to provide you with the tools to make informed decisions, maximize funding, and save time and money. You get a holistic view of ROI with safe, secure, centralized data reporting and visualization functionality designed to measure KPIs.

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Trusted Support

Oable has a team of dedicated customer success managers.