About Us

The Open Access movement promises to make more research broadly available to democratize information and to accelerate academic discovery. As the market for open access publishing grows, libraries and publishers are increasingly challenged to manage new workflows.

This is where Oable comes in.  Knowledge Unlatched, an innovator in Open Access software, developed Oable as a solution to its customers’ evolving challenges. Oable provides a suite of open access tools to help institutions simplify complex workflows and seamlessly manage open access agreements from one powerful dashboard across publishers.

Oable has been developed with significant librarian input from the start from institutions all over the world. The vision for Oable is to help institutions more effectively manage the ever-growing complexity of OA activities and changing business models. This could mean better managing the growth and variety of Transformational Agreements or just helping to get the APCs out of the wild to deliver a holistic view of OA spending across campus.