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Structuring your Institutional Open Access Activities

A service to seamlessly approve, pay and manage Open Access agreements and publications

Request a free demo now to learn more about Oable and the beta program!

Currently in beta with more than 15 institutions and partners, including:

Include your publisher OA agreements

OAble allows you to setup your publisher OA agreements and corresponding rules. You define the terms and conditions, also for journals not part of any OA agreement.

Structure your individual APC payments too

With OAble you will also have a system to capture the “wild APC” payments. Simply add incoming requests from researchers or internal units and process these through OAble. This will give you a transparent workflow and access to better reporting.

Customise and automate your workflows

Your submission will be processed according to your rules. The flexible workflow allows you to manage the approval and payments steps. We can further automate the process for you from start to finish for some publishers, while for others you might prefer manual intervention.

Upcoming: Interoperability and integrations

Together with the beta partners are exploring the API extension to support seamless integrations with third-party systems. This enables institutions to feed data back into their library management solutions, repositories and reporting systems as well other solutions like OpenAPC and Researcher App.


Request a free demo now to learn more about Oable and the beta program!