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The Open Access Management Solution for Institutions

A service to seamlessly approve, pay and manage Open Access agreements and publications

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Currently working with more than 20 leading institutions & partners worldwide, including the following:

Key Benefits of Oable

Efficiency & Reduce Burdens:

Effective OA Management:

Better Strategic Planning:

Through the structured workflow you enable more automation in the current approval, payment and reporting process. Oable brings the opportunity for significant time savings and handling single Open Access (OA) requests from start to end more efficiently.

Better management overview of your Open Access agreements and publications. One view to monitor your deposit balances, manage orders and invoice payments.

Overview across publishers to review Open Access spending within your institution. Reporting and analytical features at your fingertips from the Oable dashboard. Understand and identify department-level OA requests and inform OA budgeting decisions.




Oable allows you to approve Open Access requests and articles at your institution across publishers. Including articles part of transformative agreements and individual article processing charges (APCs).


With Oable you will be able to manage the authorization of any OA payment, including deposit accounts, researcher payments and OA funds. Through split payments, you can further decentralize payments by splitting between different cost centres or researchers at your institution.


All OA requests and payments within Oable enable you to make harmonised and informative reports across publishers. You can simply schedule a report for the start of the month, filter by cost centres but also request custom templates for your internal reporting needs.


Oable is designed as an interoperable solution and is continuously seeking further integrations with partners. Some of the partners today include OpenAPC, ExLibris Esploro and Alma, ResearcherApp, Open Journal Systems and OA Monitor.

Request a free demo now to learn more about Oable!