What's the new Oable URL for OA admins? plus minus

The new URL is Information will be provided to OA admins to ensure a seamless transition to the new platform.

Can Oable administrators add other administrators? plus minus

No, please contact to request to add another administrator.
Administrators are added to institutions, so each admin will have access to multiple accounts.

Is there a limit in the number of admins that can be added? plus minus



My agreement is unlimited. How does that work in Oable? plus minus

Your deposit account would be set up to be unlimited. Unlimited deposit accounts allow the institution to carry out as many transactions as it wants.

Can I edit the settings on my agreements? plus minus

There are two types of agreements – publisher managed and institution-managed. Publisher managed agreements cannot be edited as they reflect the contractual terms of the agreement with the publisher. If you have questions on this, contact

Which publishers are integrated with Oable? plus minus

There are many publishers with data that integrates with Oable. If there are specific publishers you would like to inquire about, please contact your Account Manager.

Can I get pricing on adding my agreements with other publishers? plus minus

Please either contact your Account Manager or fill out the contact us form on the website and you will be contacted with pricing information.

How does the approval process work? plus minus

Approvals will be paid through a deposit/pre-paid account in Oable and automatically deducted on the publisher dashboard from the dedicated balance.

For deposit accounts that are associated with a specific publisher, we work with publishers by sending them an email when an APC of an article is approved. This lets them they can invoice us and receive payment.

For Wiley agreements, the request only needs to be approved and will move to paid automatically.


Will I see the Ring gold ID in the Request details? plus minus

This is expected to be shown in our Phase 2 of development (est. by end of the year)

As a Gold and Hybrid customer can I get separate reports for each? plus minus

Yes, it’s possible to filter reports to just gold or hybrid as the report is being created, using the “Publisher Journal Type” filter.

We have gold and hybrid agreements. Will these show up as two different accounts in Oable? plus minus

Yes, all of your publisher agreements and accounts will be visible separately, along with the balances in each.

Are Notes searchable? plus minus

No, you cannot search for a note from the dashboard. However, you can find a note easily from downloading a report and using the find feature in Excel.

Metadata is not always standard across different publisher dashboards. How is this standardized in Oable? plus minus

This is a benefit of our service. We work with each publisher individually to standardize the metadata structure from the beginning to make the management easier and time saving for you. We work together with OA Switchboard to help us on this mission.

On the approval page, the status is shown in each article. Does this status show the article's submission progress? plus minus

Oable does show dates that indicate whether the article has been accepted for publication.

Oable does not access the article submission/peer-review/acceptance process. It only manages the step-by-step payment of the article once it has been accepted.

Do authors submit directly to Oable? plus minus

No, Oable does not access the article submission/peer-review/acceptance process. Oable only manages the step-by-step payment of the article once it has been accepted. We offer a form that the institution can provide on its page that feeds the article metadata to Oable.

For Gold, if the article is rejected and the APC was approved, would then show under Cancelled? What will we find under Cancelled? plus minus

Yes, it will show in Cancelled. Under Cancelled, you will find any funding requests which were editorially withdrawn or rejected. Also, requests which are denied will be moved to cancelled after a short amount of time.

Will paid requests stay under Paid for unlimited years, or get deleted after a certain period of time? plus minus

Yes, they will stay under Paid.

For TA 3.0 customers, how will each request show its journal type (Hybrid/Gold/Hindawi)? plus minus

The journal type is shown in the “Publisher Journal Type” field. Hindawi journals will display as “Gold OA”.

Are there changes if we have quarterly invoicing with no prepaid account? plus minus

If your account is a post-pay model with quarterly invoicing, these functions stay the same.

Does Oable follow GDPR regulations? plus minus

Yes, Oable follows GDPR processes and requirements. All files and data are hosted in Europe. If further details are needed, we can provide this upon request.

Does Oable work with OA Switchboard? plus minus

Yes, Oable has an API integration with OA Switchboard that allows receiving and sending of messages. Customers are live with this integration.

What is the purpose of the attachments section on funding requests? plus minus

The attachment section allows administrators to add any fields they wish to the request data for their own reference.

Could a block grant be managed on the platform? plus minus

Yes, internal accounts can be added into Oable and will be processed the same way as other article agreements.

Does Oable keep track of the amount institutions spend on the Transitional Agreement? plus minus

Yes, Oable keeps track of the amount of spending for all agreements.

Will the author notice any difference from their interface? plus minus

The author process remains unchanged. Oable does not access the article submission/peer review/acceptance process.

We have an institutional gold open access fund. We agree funding for fully OA journals at submission so they are committed costs rather than actual costs at that stage. Is this possible in Oable? plus minus

Yes, this is possible in Oable. Funding requests approved just after the article has been submitted appear in a section called “Transactions Planned”. This part of Oable shows committed costs rather than costs that have truly been paid.

Can you change a decision in Oable? Sometimes we decline papers and then authors provide further information. plus minus

As with the current open access dashboard changing decisions requires contacting customer support at

Will there be a deadline for admin of Oable to approve requests? plus minus

The deadlines will still be in place since the data comes from each publisher’s system.

Is it possible to add information about the article's research funder(s) on the OA requests? This will impact on whether we approve the request and associated license choice. plus minus

If this metadata is not already present on the request, it is possible to record this information by adding an internal note, for example, if an author shares this information with you directly.

If the institution mandates a CC by license, will the authors be presented with only one option? plus minus

The author process remains unchanged.

How are funding requests submitting into Oable? Are they manually submitted? plus minus

Funding requests come into Oable through integrations with publishers.

Notifications & Messaging

Can I message authors through Oable? plus minus

Yes, Oable will send custom messaging to authors if an admin elects to use this feature.

Email settings have now changed to only notify admins about date of acceptance, not other status. Is that the plan or will it change? plus minus

We currently have no plans to add in other email notifications, but as always we will be guided by customer feedback. If being notified about other stages of publication would be useful for customers, please let us know.

How do I create an e-mail template? plus minus

Email templates are handled on the admin side by the support team. Please send any template requests to After it has been added to the system, it will appear as an option in the dropdown menu of templates.

When an admin sends a message to an author from Oable, what will show up as the sender's name From? Is it possible to include another person in copy? plus minus

The subject will say “Message from Oable.” In the body of the text, it will show the senders name in bold next to the message. There is currently no cc option, but you can send the email to multiple people by typing in additional email addresses.

Is there a way to communicate with Wiley through the dashboard? We find this feature really useful at the moment. plus minus

A chat feature is available in your Oable dashboard to chat with Oable support. It is also possible to contact Wiley for questions on specific funding requests by pressing the envelope icon next to Wiley’s name when viewing a funding request.

Will there still be an option to leave a note for a Wiley OA administrator? We often ask for confirmation of article types before approval. plus minus

Yes, you can communicate with Wiley through Oable’s messaging feature. Press the envelope icon next to Wiley’s name when viewing a funding request to send a message to Wiley.

What happens to the notifications we normally receive? Will we get notifications that, for example, there's a new IOP article that needs attention? plus minus

Yes, by default you will receive an email from Oable when you receive new funding requests. You can configure this email notification from your account settings.


Does Oable have a consortium-level feature? plus minus

The consortium-level features are being developed and will be ready in early 2023.

How does Oable handle consortium agreements that don't cover 100% OA articles, available on a first come basis until the quota is depleted? plus minus

There will be no change to the way that these type of agreements are handled, although it will be possible on Oable for consortia admins to see the remaining available balance for their agreement, where appropriate.

How will migration to Oable affect members of consortia, in terms of payments? plus minus

This will be determined on a case by case basis. Please contact for more information.

I understand that the option of assigning agreements will be managed by central libraries or consortial agencies in the context of consortial licenses? plus minus

Articles come in the system assigned to the publisher agreement.